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Uncrowded Ruins El Tajin

Hang the Danger! I'll Check It Out For You!

Zipline Zacatecas

Huasteca Waterfall

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Like most websites, few articles have dates on them. This is not a news site. An article may have a reference to another site's article that may be old. That does not mean my web site is not updated. There are about 100 pages here. I update "the site" frequently, often daily.

Everything I know about AA is listed in the database. Please look there.

This is a real website. It is not a blog.

And, no, I am not this grumpy in person. I just have been abused by too many time-wasters. If you have a legit question or comment, I will graciously help you. BUT please look at my charges for services first. Thanks.

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